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Support Federal Bill C-251

22 February 2022

Support Federal Bill C-251


On February 9th 2022, the Canadian Fisheries Bill C-251 “Federal Framework on Conservation of Fish Stocks and Management of Pinnipeds Act” was proposed by Newfoundland and Labrador MP Clifford Small, Conservative in the House of Commons, Ottawa.


Below is a Press Release issued by MP Clifford Small:


The Seals and Sealing Network (SSN) brings together Canada’s sealing industry harvesters, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and Indigenous Peoples of Canada to promote and market sustainable and high-quality Canadian Seal Products.  We have worked hard in the past years to build public support for a sustainable yearly seal harvest, which is one of the ways to help maintain a well-balanced marine ecosystem.


This Bill is perhaps the single most important action to be taken regarding all fisheries East and West Coast in several decades. It is of critical importance regarding uncontrolled pinniped predation, marine ecosystem imbalance and impact on all fisheries.


Below is a video of PC MHA Craig Pardy (Fisheries Critic) discussing the impact of seals on Newfoundland and Labrador’s fishing industry in the House of Assembly. Together with MP Clifford Small, Mr. Pardy is taking action regarding Newfoundland and Labrador’s primary renewable industry: “When you are in the “seal boat” and you are handed an oar, make sure that you pull in the same direction or else we will go around in circles, as we have been for the past three decades! The more oars, the stronger the momentum!

The Seals and Sealing Network invites all members of the Fishing and Sealing Industry to support this Fisheries Bill C-251 and we remain available for any questions surrounding the sealing industry and the specific challenges and opportunities.


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