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Seals and Sealing Network welcomes Senate Committee Report

23 May 2024

Seals and Sealing Network welcomes Senate Committee Report


May 23, 2024



Ottawa, ON– The Seals and Sealing Network (SSN) would like to applaud the Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans on the release of their report “Sealing the Future- A Call to Action”.


The Committee undertook many months of study on the complex topics of seal populations in Canada and the sealing industry, and heard from a variety of witnesses, including SSN Executive Director Doug Chiasson. The report’s nine recommendations, if implemented, would help address misinformation, allow industry to connect with interested consumers around the world, and provide a deeper understanding of the significant impacts of seals on Canada’s marine ecosystems.


“The Senate Committee’s report is the latest in a long list of calls to action on supporting the seal hunt.” said SSN Executive Director Doug Chiasson. “The federal government, working with industry stakeholders like ourselves, and Indigenous rightsholders, must take immediate action on these recommendations to preserve the health of Canada’s oceans and our remote and rural coastal communities.”



Doug Chiasson, Executive Director, Seals and Sealing Network


About SSN: The Seals and Sealing Network, a program of the Fur Institute of Canada, brings together Canada’s sealing industry harvesters, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and Indigenous peoples of Canada to promote and market high quality and sustainable Canadian Seal Products (seal oil, seal meat, seal fur) through our Canadian Seal Products and Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs brands.