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Large seal populations have had negative pressures on populations of the fish upon which they feed. Help us to promote sustainable seal products in order to maintain a balanced marine ecosystem!

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Support Marine Conservation

Almost all sealers are seasonal fishermen who rely on sealing to help compensate for declining stocks of commercial fish such as cod, capelin, herring, crab, mackerel and salmon.

A well-managed seal harvest is key to maintaining seal populations at levels that allow fish populations to rebound while sustaining greater commercial harvests and providing economic benefits to coastal communities.

Help us to maintain a balanced marine ecosystem!

How we use your donations

Your donation helps us find ways to:

  •  Establish and maintain the social licence for sealing
  • Increase the economic, social/cultural and environmental benefits of sealing
  • Ensure viable sealing communities and maintain their culture
  • Increase and renew access to overseas markets for Canadian seal products
  • Ensure a sustainable management of seal populations and of the fish stocks with which they interact
  • Demonstrate the professionalism of sealers and the humane practices of seal harvest 

Join the Fur Institute of Canada !

We encourage Seal Industry stakeholders to purchase a membership in the Fur Institute of Canada (FIC).  The FIC is a generous and committed funding partner in the delivery of the current industry projects now underway. By joining FIC, your membership will allow the FIC to sustain their financial contribution to sealing industry programs.

Learn more about FIC’s role and about its ongoing engagement in supporting Canada’s Sealing Industry.


Other ways to give:

  1. Cheque
  2. Mail In Donation

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