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Natural Sustainable Proudly Canadian Seal Products

Support our local communities by buying a natural, eco-friendly and high quality Canadian Seal Products!

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Pure Omega-3 Oil

Seal oil is a complete source of Omega-3 (DPA + DHA + EPA) with optimized absorption given its mammalian molecular structure.

Seal OilSeal Oil

Seal Oil


Unique Natural Fur & Leather

Seal fur and leather is a very versatile textile used in multiple applications such as accessories, footwear, outerwear and home decor.

Seal Fur & LeatherSeal Fur & Leather

Seal Fur & Leather


Wild Canadian Meat

Seal meat represents an excellent source of protein and is high in iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-12. This wild game meat is free from antibiotics and added hormones.

Seal MeatSeal Meat

Seal Meat

The Canadian Seal

Sustainability & Ecosystem Balance

The annual seal harvest contributes to marine biodiversity protection by supporting the conservation of fish and other marine species.

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Culture & Livelihood

Sealing is a vital activity for ten of thousands of rural Canadians throughout the country. Seal hunt sustains northern and coastal communities nutritionally, culturally and economically.

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Humane & Professional

Canada's world-leading animal welfare standards, codes of practice, training and licensing programs ensure human harvesting and the highest quality products.

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A Seal of Quality

All brands available on the Canadian Seal Products online store meet strict criteria and guidelines ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety and traceability of Canadian Omega-3 seal oil, seal meat, seal fur and leather products.

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