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Where to buy seal fur products online?

05 March 2021
Seal Fur

Seal fur is beautiful, durable, and is being used in both traditional and modern ways in fashion and home décor. There’s nothing quite like the striking natural patterns in natural seal fur, or the softness and quality of well-tanned seal leather.

Across Canada, dozens of crafters, artisans, designers, and commercial operations are embracing this natural and versatile textile. If you’re looking for a seal pelt, seal fur boats, slippers, coat, accessories or anything else—including a custom piece—you’ve come to the right place. Below is a starter list of businesses and artisans who work with sealskin, organized by category.

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Sealskin clothing and boots

These businesses have relatively large and diverse selections of sealskin clothing, from fashion boots to cozy hats. Browse the selection and see just how far seal has come in the fashion world.

Always in Vogue: clothing, outerwear, boots, accessories, children’s products

Bilodeau Canada: clothing, outerwear, boots, accessories, children’s products, home decor

Fourrures Grenier: clothing, outerwear, accessories, boots, slippers

Fur Culture: clothing, outerwear, handbags, wallets, mittens, children’s products

Natural Boutique: clothing, outerwear, boots, accessories Instagram

Rachel Drouin Créations: mitts, purses, jewelries, baby slippers, other accessories Facebook

Rannva: clothing, outerwear, accessories, children’s products

Sealskin Treasures: clothing, outerwear, boots, accessories, children’s products

Ujaraatsiaq’s Garments: jackets, dresses, vests, custom orders Instagram

Upinngaaq Designs: purses, bags, jewelries, bow tie

Victoria’s Arctic Fashion: outerwear


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Seal pelts

Perhaps you have a piece of furniture you’d like to upholster using seal fur. Maybe you like the look of a seal pelt as a wall-hanging or throw; perhaps you’d like to try your hand at seal craftwork yourself. Seal pelts, of different grades, natural or dyed, can be purchased through a number of businesses across Canada.

Bill Worb Furs & Leather


Gaston Henry Fourrures

Northwest Company

SL Fur & Leather

Splendor Fur

Western Fur Tannery

Slippers and more

Sealskin is warm, waterproof, and durable—great for boots, but also for slippers and mukluks. Visit these artisans for a wide selection of cozy footwear, many accented with colourful trims and beadwork.

Atikuss: mukluks   Instagram

Chrissy Chiasson-Bessey: custom orders; slippers available at Indigenous Artists’ Market

ENB Artisan: shoes, mitts, cushions

North Fox Creative Studio: slippers, mitts, hats, more  Instagram

Northern Light Traditional Crafts: mukluks, slippers

Sandra’s Slippers: slippers

Sapangak: slippers, jewelry, more

Sealskin Sewn with Love: mitts and slippers


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Take time to browse the websites or Facebook/Instagram page of the talented artists and craftspeople below. Many of the items you’ll see there feature seal fur, as well as bone, leather, and stunning beadwork. A number of the artists do custom work and one-of-a-kind pieces. And many offer other products beyond jewelry.

Annie A Kilabuk Crafts: jewelry, mitts

Appik Beads: jewelry

BEvAD: jewelry, slippers

Cedar Fox Beads: hair accessories, baby slippers, jewelry

Chinu Designs: earrings  Instagram

Clare Dawn Studio: jewelry, accessories

Created by Vivianne Sheshamush: jewelry, custom

Daphne Calvin: jewelry, clothing

Designs by Latoya B: jewelry

Destiny Thomas Designs: jewelry, keychains

Emma’s Qisik Jewelry: jewelry

Ivalucreations by Olepika: jewelry

Lally PB: jewelry

lilinuk creations: jewelry, mitts

Inuk 360: jewelry

Lucy’s Handicrafts: earrings, headbands, custom

Naomi Bourque: jewelry

Nuutuittuq Beadwork: jewelry

She was a free spirit : earrings

Snowfly: earrings , purse, seal cuffs

The Flowered Raven: jewelry  Instagram

YAYA Inspirations: jewelry

Accessories and home decor

These businesses focus on the extras—the hats and purses and pillows and art and upholstery—that can elevate both your wardrobe and your home.

B Design NL: hats, wallets, decorations

Blaine Myles: wall art, Christmas decorations, bowties  Instagram

Fur Canada: Clothing, home decor, accessories   Instagram

Labrador Upholstery: custom sealskin upholstery  Facebook

Natural Canadian Fur Products: hats, men’s gauntlet

PQ Upholstery: furniture, custom sealskin upholstery

Sisson Furs and Leathers: purse, mittens, boots


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Remember: when you buy Canadian seal products you’re supporting Canadian artists, communities, and businesses.  You’re also investing in clothing, keepsakes, and gifts that will last for many years to come.

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