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What are the benefits of seal fur?

11 March 2022
Seal Fur

What are the benefits of seal fur?


Seal fur provides many benefits and it is one of the warmest materials around. With the proper care and restoration, your seal fur clothing can provide warmth and comfort for a lifetime. Depending upon your region’s climate, many fur accessories can be worn all year round, making seal fur an even more cost-effective investment for you.


Incredibly Warm


Seal fur coats hold heat much better than other types of winter coats. Seal fur is not as well known, but it is one of the warmest materials in the world, which is why it’s so highly used in Northern Canada. Inuit and other Indigenous peoples use seal fur to protect themselves from Canada’s northernmost extreme winter conditions.

Seal fur is frizzy and kinked, with short shingly guard hair that is packed together densely. The hair structure makes the hair stick together, hold air, and heat, which makes the coat lovely and warm, and dry.

Winter coats or accessories made with seal fur can keep you warm by trapping heat and by offering protection from the wind, cold, and ice of the harsh northern climate.

People may find man-made fiber clothing or footwear are warm enough to meet their needs. However, when you need something extremely warm, seal fur boots, jackets or mitts should be at the top of your list of options. Seal fur offers an incredible level of warmth you can’t expect from any other material.



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Water Resistant


Animals’ guard fur is oily in nature, which gives them natural waterproofing. The guard fur allows the water to wick off and not permeate into the skin. When submerged, the guard hairs fur sticks together and form a barrier protecting the animal’s skin. In addition, the denser the guard hairs are, the dryer or the more water-repellent the fur surface will be.

Seals spend most of their lives in water, accordingly, their fur has maximum water repellency. The outer layer of seals’ guard fur has a dense interwoven structure that makes a seal skin pelt a water repellent material.


If you’re trying to figure out whether you’re holding a piece of real fur or faux fur, the weight is one of the key indicators to help you reach your final decision. With that being said, real fur is typically heavier than man-made material and those bulky fur coats are often not very comfortable to wear.

Some people complain that fur coats can make them look fat and also refrain their movements during outdoor activities. However, it does not apply to a seal fur coat.

Because there is no underfur, sealskin is very lightweight. Seal fur is composed entirely of short, shiny guard hairs, which are much lighter than those regular fur we can find in the market. Sealskin is light and less bulky allowing a nice slim silhouette, without compromising all the benefits that other fur clothing will give you.




Seal fur apparel is remarkably long-lasting. A well-made seal coat can be worn for decades and it can be easily stored, cleaned, and maintained. Properly made, a piece of fine seal fur coat is known to easily outlast the owner and pass down through the generations. It is a benefit that not any other man-made material can give us.

Nowadays, slow fashion as an alternative to synthetics and natural fur is an integrated part of Europe’s circular bioeconomy, representing a renewable fashion material with extraordinarily long active product life[1].

Seal fur as a local Canadian product can also contribute to this sustainable movement. You may find you replace other winter coats more regularly, but you won’t have the same issue with your seal fur coat.

Slow fashion pieces will work at any age because they’re an enduring investment—timeless seal fur pieces that you can enjoy for many years to come.



Fur has been a fashion trend for ages. Furs are timeless and classic, and fur coats, fur capes, and trimmed fur fashion items will never go out of style. And you won’t find any other type of fur coat that can offer the luxurious feel that seal furs can provide.

Now, seal fur is no longer just for keeping warm during the coldest months. Seal fur has moved into the hot “must-have” fashion category and is worn from day to night and across all seasons and events. Check out these beautiful seal fur accessories that are sold on Canadian Seal Products.



The great thing about seal fur is that if you buy it today, you can keep on wearing it for a very long time and never out of fashion. A well-made classic seal fur piece will most likely become a family heirloom.

Moreover, when it comes to a winter coat, boots or accessories, it isn’t just about choosing something that will keep you warm and comfortable as you head out into the cold winter temperatures. In fact, most people want to purchase a winter clothing that looks trendy and fashionable too.

When you choose seal fur, you are choosing the one that is bound to turn heads every time you are out in it.



Functional fabric can also refer to how well it is suited for specific conditions or usage. Some garments are more suitable to be worn during warmer months, while some are more practical for the colder seasons.

We should not only think about the functionality of fur in terms of its warmth and growing affordability[2].

It is also the longevity of this natural fabric that allows fur to prove its functional worth over other alternatives. Seal fur and leather have been used for thousands of years for Indigenous people for their special functionality.

Seal fur is breathable, but blocks wind and retains heat, so it is the best choice for winter clothing. Seal leather is soft and strong, so it is perfect for making an extremely strong and waterproof kayak.

Today, artists and designers are utilizing seal fur and seal skin as a sustainable solution for both functional and fashionable products. These seal products are lightweight, warm, durable, exceptionally versatile, and even resistant to wind and water.

Once you try seal products, you won’t want to experience another cold winter without them.



With the cold season rapidly off, now is the time to replenish your winter wardrobe with less thick clothing. If a bulky fur coat isn’t your option for wearing the material in summer, don’t forget that there is a range of fur trims, handbags, jackets, and collars that can be also used in the hot season.

Seal fur can be used to make a wide range of products, including outerwear, footwear, accessories, home décor, and much more. It can be used in fashion, design, and craftwork[3]. Also, you can choose to make changes for your old seal fur coat. You can find a qualified furrier who can provide the changes you need to transform your coat into something new. The use of different techniques such as cutting, stretching, dressing, and tanning can make garments trans-seasonal or even summery, proving seal fur is accessible all year round.



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