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Seal products are for pets too

14 September 2022
Seal Meat


While the nutrients that come from seal oil and seal meat are incredibly beneficial for humans, they offer many of the same benefits for your pets as well.


Seal oil Omega 3 for pets

In previous blog posts, we’ve talked about the benefits of Omega-3s—especially when found in seal oil. But seal oil Omega 3 isn’t just beneficial for human consumption. Just as it strengthens our immune systems as well as our hearts and joints, it does the same for our beloved pets. Here are all the reasons why you should be fulfilling your animals’ daily quota of omega-3s.


Omega-3s are great to help your animal’s skin and fur coat to stay healthy and shiny. It acts as a moisturizer for dry and flaky skin. When the skin is depleted of unsaturated fats, it becomes dry and cracks open, which ultimately opens the body up to allergens, bacteria, and fungi. That means your pet is more susceptible to allergic reactions, but Omega-3s moisturize the skin and therefore act as a barrier to all that. It also promotes hair growth, making the hair stronger and shinier.


The anti-inflammatory properties also help to reduce arthritis pain while it can strengthen your pet’s heart, brain, and eye health.

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Why choose seal oil over fish oil?


For one, the harvesting of small fish for their oil has a ripple effect on the marine ecosystem, leading to less healthy oceans. Seal oil Omega 3, on the other hand, is sustainably sourced from an abundant of seals (there are more than 7.6 million out there). Plus, there is no chemical processing needed to increase the level of Omega-3s in the oil, unlike with fish oil.

Seal oil contains three types of omega-3 fatty acids—DHR, EPA, and DPA—while fish oil generally contains EPA and DHA. DPA has its own additional health benefits and can help the body absorb the other Omega-3s more easily.


Cats and dogs are mammals just like us and seals, so it’s easier for their bodies to absorb seal oil Omega 3 than it is for them to absorb fish oil.


Where can I get seal oil for my pet?


Carino just launched their new seal oil Omega 3 products for pets, and their new Omega-3 seal oil for pets (250ml and 500ml) will be available soon on the Canadian Seal Products online store. Meanwhile, you can get more information right here OR you can use seal oil capsules as treats for your pet which contain all the same great benefits than the liquid oil!


Things to consider


Not all pets should take the same amount of seal oil Omega 3, however.  Your pet’s age, weight, and level of activity can make a difference. For smaller dogs and cats, for example, a quarter to half a teaspoon daily of seal oil Omega 3 will suffice. Medium-sized dogs (between 10-25 kilograms) should take about one or two teaspoons a day and for bigger dogs, we recommend two or three teaspoons a day.


Also, be aware that liquid seal oil Omega 3 should be put in the fridge after it has been opened. A bottle of seal oil liquid usually has a two-year shelf life.

Seal meat for pets

Dogs and cats with food allergies are typically allergic to proteins, which come from animal or plant-based proteins of their food. Those proteins are broken down into molecules that your pets’ immune system misidentifies as a potential hazard. Beef, egg, dairy, wheat, and chicken are the most common culprits of food allergies in cats and dogs.


Seal meat is a safe alternative protein source, which is ideal for pets with allergies and sensitive stomachs. Seal meat is higher in protein than many other meats—and a nutrient powerhouse, packed with minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium), vitamins (including B-12), and more. Made from wild-sourced, hypoallergenic, natural meat, your pet will love the flavour of seal meat!

Where can I get seal meat for my pet?

Canadian Seal Products has developed different seal meat products for pets that we distributed as samples during the National Pet Industry Show.  You can find more information on these samples, their nutritional content, and their benefits right here:  However, Canadian Seal Products will not sell these products as we are a non-profit organization.


Phocalux, Carino, and Waspu can produce seal treats under your own brand name for a Minimum Order Quantity. To order seal treats, you can contact one of the following companies:


Phocalux International

Natasha Rideout



Phone: +(709)725-9344


Carino Processing Ltd.


Phone: +1(709)582-2100



Bill Penney

Marketing Manager



Below are the Infosheets of the seal meat treats that were developed by Canadian Seal Products for the National Pet Industry Show 2022 and that can be purchased under your own brand name from the manufacturers listed above.


These products are naturally, locally, and sustainably sourced. The seal sticks, for example, are made with just seal, oat flour and guar gum. This treat is ideal for dogs with specific protein allergies and will help your dog maintain healthy gums and teeth. The freeze-dried seal bites are good for cats and dogs. At seven calories per treat, each one is packed with hypoallergenic protein and minerals. It’s great for pets that are overweight, diabetic, or have allergies or gastrointestinal disorders.

For those who want to test these treats out, representatives of Canadian Seal Products will be present at the National Pet Industry Show, happening this Sunday and Monday, September 18-19 in Toronto. You can find them at booth number 550 at the International Centre. Here, representatives will offer free seal treat samples for your furry friends to test out, while they can also answer any other questions you may have about the benefits of seal oil. We hope to see you there!