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Repost:Food for thought over dying seal hunts

07 August 2023
Seal Meat

Yoanis Menge, a Canadian seal hunter, and photographer, participates in seal hunting, a practice in the Magdalen Islands and among Canadian Indigenous groups such as the Inuit.


While it is controversial, some villagers hope to repair the hunt’s reputation with the support of fishermen concerned about diminishing fish stock. Seal hunting has attracted criticism for violating animal rights, notably clubbing seals, which has affected the industry’s reputation.


In 1987, the practice of hunting seal pups for their white coats was outlawed. Seal goods have been prohibited in the United States and the European Union owing to alleged cruelty. Seal populations, notably harp, and gray seals, have increased dramatically since the 1970s, whereas fish levels in the Atlantic Ocean near Canada have plummeted.


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Food for thought over dying seal hunts