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Seal Fur Coat: The Benefits You Haven't Thought of

11 January 2023
Seal Fur


Seal fur coats have been a luxury and fashionable choice for outerwear for centuries. The unique patterns and shades of seal fur, combined with its warmth and durability, make it an ideal material for clothing. Despite its popularity, there are still other benefits to seal fur that are overlooked. In this article, we will examine all the various benefits that a seal fur coat has to offer.

Seal fur coats are functional

Seal fur coats are highly prized for their warm and wind-resistant quality.


The warmth of seal fur is well recognized in arctic areas. Seals have two layers of skin, with the outer layer made up of short, shiny guard hairs and the inner layer made up of soft, downy skin. This combination creates an insulating layer that keeps heat inside and helps stay warm in cold weather.


Because seal skin lacks underfur, it is an excellent material for keeping you warm without being too heavy or bulky. Craftsmen apply this property to make a coat with a charming and sleek silhouette for females.


The seal fur coat is very fashionable 


Seal fur is a fashionable and high-quality material which is never going out of style. It is soft, shiny, and durable and can be used to make a variety of fashionable garments. The classic, sophisticated look is particularly popular among fur crafters.


Always in vogue is a company that specializes in making seal fur coats. Each coat was carefully handcrafted by expert artisans utilizing the best seal fur materials harvested from Canadian waters. These handcrafted seal fur coats are part of their exclusive collection.

Mens’ Seal Fur and Leather Coat

Women’s Seal Fur & Leather Coat


Seal fur has a natural shine and gloss that enhances its beauty. This is due to the structure of the hair shaft, which reflects light in such a manner that the fur appears soft and shiny. The unique patterns and shades of seal fur incorporated with other materials, add a luxurious touch to any coat.

Photo Credit: Carino

Seal fur dyes well because it is a protein fiber that absorbs color effectively. If you’re tired with the same monotonous silver shade, you can get a colored seal fur coat. There are hundreds of color selections to pick from. Please check some of the colors that are available in our Color Grades page here.


Because of the natural characteristics of the fur, it is impossible to find an identical seal fur coat. Each piece of seal fur has a unique color and pattern, ensuring that every piece you get is unique.


The seal fur coat is also long-lasting and durable, so it can be passed down through generations and become a family heirloom. This increases the value of the product as a fashion item and makes it a good investment.

The seal fur coat is sustainable and environmentally friendly


One of the main arguments against seal fur is that it is not sustainable, with some people claiming that it leads to seal population depletion. But this is not the case. Seals are a naturally renewable resource, and the Canadian government carefully manages their populations with quotas. You can learn more on the sustainability of seals population right .


Furthermore, the is strongly connected with the natural environment, and hunters have a strong motivation to protect the ecosystem’s balance for future generations.


Seal fur has a lower carbon impact than other types of fur. Seals are wild animals that do not require feeding or manmade shelter since they live in their natural habitat and rely on ocean resources. Farmed animals, on the other hand, must be fed and sheltered, which demands a huge amount of energy and resources.


Furthermore, seal fur is biodegradable, making it a more ecologically responsible alternative than synthetic materials, which can take decades to degrade in landfills. In fact, one synthetic coat contains roughly 5,320 plastic straws. On the other hand, seal apparel can be recycled to make products like pillows, blankets, and more. And after decades of wear and tear, it will eventually biodegrade and return back to nature.

Seal fur supports coastal communities


Another benefit of seal fur is that it helps coastal communities that have relied on seal hunting for centuries, such as the indigenous community. Seal hunting is an integral aspect of coastal culture and identity, and it supports these people with food, clothes, and income.


By purchasing seal fur products, people can contribute to the self-sufficiency and sustainability of coastal economies. This is especially crucial considering the challenges that these communities face, such as environmental degradation and the loss of traditional ways of life.

Seal hunting supports the Canadian fishery


In addition to supporting coastal communities, seal fur also helps to maintain the ecosystem’s balance and the fishery’s sustainability. Seals are natural predators of fish, and uncontrolled growing seal populations can have a huge impact on the availability of fish for commercial fishing. Did you know that the Canadian seal population consumes 53 times more fish than the yearly seafood yield of the whole Atlantic Canadian fishing fleet?


Moreover, the seal population is currently at an all-time high level. Fish stocks are unlikely to rebound without immediate population management. Controlling seal populations through hunting can boost fisheries productivity and ensure the long-term viability of this important economic sector.


In conclusion, seal fur coats provide several benefits that make them a practical and ethical fashion choice. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable, with a lower carbon footprint than other types of fur. It’s also functional and long-lasting, having special qualities that make it ideal for outdoor gear. Seal fur has a lot to offer, and we should acknowledge its worth and the role it plays in the Canadian economy.