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New Year New Goals

01 January 2021
Seal Oil Omega-3

New Year, New Goals


How to integrate seal oil in your routine—and why you should


The new year is the perfect time to re-set, reflect, and set new goals for the months ahead. There’s no debating that 2020 was an unusual year—and unusually difficult for so many. Let’s get 2021 off to the right start!


An easy and powerful way to boost your overall health and well-being is to add Omega-3 seal oil into your daily routine. Seal oil contains three key essential fatty acids (DHA, DPA, and EPA). Scientific research has shown that these critical molecules work together to positively affect cardiovascular health, brain health, and joint health. Seal oil omega-3s have been also shown to improve immune function and soothe anxiety.


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Seal oil also fights inflammation and supports fetal and infant development. And it’s great for pets too, leading to improved skin, shinier fur, and less joint pain. In other words, Omega-3 seal oil is a supplement for all ages and all members of the family.


It’s also not difficult to add seal oil into your daily routine. We’ve got a few tips to get you started:


  1. Find the product that works for you

Visit the Canadian Seal Products shop for a good look at many of the Canadian seal oil products available. Soft gel capsules are the most popular way to take Omega-3 seal oil, but you’ll see liquid seal oil too, including a lemon-flavoured variety that makes a pleasant addition to salads, smoothies, or to be taken by the spoonful. You’ll notice the products are well-priced; bottles of 120 capsules will set you back less than $20.


  1. Take the right amount for you

Supplementing with 2 to 4 grams of seal oil per day is recommended for adults; a 2 to 3 grams is generally suggested for pregnant women. Children will benefit from a lower dose of seal oil: 2 grams are recommended for ages 1 to 8; teenagers will benefit from up to 3 grams. If you are taking blood thinners, we suggest you consult a physician before taking a high dose of seal oil.


  1. Take supplements at the same time each day

Seal oil is as effective if it is taken in the morning or evening, with food or on its own. The key is to build it into your routine. Perhaps you add it to your smoothie every morning, or you take it just before bed, or with that first glass of water when you wake up. Make it a habit.


  1. Be patient—your body will thank you

Seal oil is not magic. It is a 100% natural, easily absorbed and assimilated source of crucial essential fatty acids. Some people notice an improvement in their mood or a lessening of joint pain in just a couple of weeks; for others, it takes a little longer. The benefits are cumulative, gradual and, if you stick with your healthy new routine, long-lasting.


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A range of all-natural, all-Canadian options


The Canadian Seal Products shop offers seal oil products made by a number of Canadian companies, including DPA Gold, Waspu Oil, and SeaDNA. You can be confident that any product featured in the shop meets the highest standards for quality, purity, and sustainability.


With colder weather, shorter days, and cold and flu season upon us, January is an ideal month to really take care of yourself. Give yourself an extra dose of good health and well-being by adding omega-3 seal oil to your daily routine.


Visit the Canadian Seal Products website to learn more about the many benefits of seal oil, anc check out the online shop and all available options.