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Made in and Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs celebrate Indigenous Canadian designers by showcasing their fashion creations in seal fur and leather

24 June 2021
Seal Fur

Montreal, June 8, 2021 – Maison Made in is pleased to partner for the very first time with Canadian Seal Products to promote and celebrate authentic seal products created by Indigenous peoples for generations. The influencer campaign for this collaboration has just kicked off, with the recognition that June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada.

Canadian Seal Products – through its site Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs – is an unprecedented showcase for Canadian Indigenous fashion designers. Through this new e-commerce website, artists exhibit and sell their creations made from seal fur and leather. This ethical practice contributes to the economic, cultural, and artistic development of the Indigenous peoples living in Canada.

“By posting in-depth blog posts and leveraging a thoughtful and well-executed influencer campaign, we want to raise awareness of our website and boost sales,” said Romy Vaugeois, Program Manager at Canadian Seal Products. It is also a golden opportunity to pique the public’s curiosity by highlighting the history of the Indigenous communities, their creativity, and centuries-old traditions. “By shedding light on Indigenous artists and handing the microphone and camera to Indigenous influencers, we will help combat prejudice and fight against the misinformation that unfairly sheds a negative light on the subsistence seal harvest”, Romy added.

To carry out these missions, four Canadian influencers of Indigenous descent were recruited. Their mission: create authentic, informative, and trendy content, on Instagram as well as on TikTok. Eloquent, popular, and highly respected, these influencers know how to captivate their audiences by disseminating messages in a sensitive, detailed, and relevant way. These are the famous @NotoriousCree (904K on IG and 3,1M on TikTok), @MarikaSila (120K on IG and 300K on TikTok), @ShinaNova (505K on IG and 2,3M on TikTok), and @SanteeSiouxx  (28K on IG and 55K on TikTok).

Combined with the publication of blog articles on the Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs website, the influencer campaign orchestrated by Made in will allow viewers to understand the importance of the seal harvest, to celebrate the talent of Indigenous crafters, to reiterate the ecological and sustainable nature of the practice and to rely on the authenticity of the seal fur and leather accessories created in Canada

“Indigenous content creators are true standard bearers for the Indigenous community,” explains Marie Jo Massy, content strategist at Maison Made in. “Their subscribers are committed to further expanding their knowledge of subsistence practices of Indigenous communities. We, therefore, believe that the content they will create during this campaign will have a great impact because it will vibrate sensitive chords. It is by combining information, feelings, and emotions that we touch both the heads and the hearts of people and that, along the way, we change mentalities”, concludes the strategist responsible for this campaign, which is as humanistic as it is artistic.