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Fashion Design: Seal Fur and Leather

Explore unique seal fur accessories, footwear and clothing fashion designs from the best Canadian artists.

  • Incredibly warm
  • Extremely durable
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Wind & water resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Biodegradable
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  • Incredibly warm
  • Extremely durable
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Wind & water resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Biodegradable
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Traditional material, modern edge

Seal fur and leather have become regular features on Canadian catwalks and have taken a front-row position in some of the nation’s finest boutiques. Winter coats and boots made of seal textiles continue to be top sellers, even as their designs evolve to surprise, set trends, and keep customers warm and dry.


Designers and artisans are experimenting with seal materials in different colours, textures, and shapes. Seal fur and leather is often combined with other textiles—whether as trim on a sweater or dress, or incorporated in a jacket or bag with other types of fur.


But the real growth in seal fashion is in the world of accessories. Luxury purses combine seal fur and leather in new and innovative ways; travel bags and cases of all sizes can be both elegant and eye-catching. Dress shoes, sneakers, cuffs, jewelry … the options are boundless.




Office Style











Purses and Travel Bags

Winter Wear

Qualities you can’t manufacture

Seal fur and leather were traditionally chosen for their availability, durability, and ability to protect against cold, wet, windy conditions. But the beauty of the material cannot be overlooked.

“When you see a seal jacket on the street, it just pops,” says Bernie Halloran, owner of Always in Vogue in St. John’s. “Seal fur has a natural shine, a gloss that you just can’t manufacture.”

The natural patterns are beloved by many. But, as is always the way in fashion, different consumers are looking for different looks. Seal pelts can be dyed to subtly tone down the natural lustre or colouring—or to give a much more dramatic look.

Halloran also points out that seal fur is naturally shorter than many other furs, making the material warm but lightweight, and also permitting elegant, flattering designs. “Seal pelts these days are so soft,” he adds, “you won’t give up fashion for comfort—you can have both.”

Working with seal—what you need to know

Seal fur and leather have their own personalities, which any fashion designer needs to get to know. The fabric is stretchy and sturdy. It is thinner and less bulky than many other furs.

And today’s seal textiles are as varied as they are versatile. When considering the specific material to work with (or purchase), take time to look at all the options:

  • Natural or dyed pelts
  • The grade or quality of the pelt
  • Customized shearing, carving, or printing
Seal fur and leather offers endless possibilities for designs, both edgy and elegant. As Bernie Halloran (owner of Always in Vogue) says, “Everybody has a different style personality. Today, we can offer people the variety they’re seeking. And if they don’t see exactly what they want on the shelf or rack, we’ll make it for them.”
Artist: Patsy Cheater From Catalina, NL Mitts made with harp seal fur Photo taken by Brian Ricks Photography.

Seal Fur Quality Assurance

Seal fur trade is subject to thorough licensing, permitting and regulation by provincial, territorial and federal wildlife management agencies and border trade control authorities. From the sealers harvesting on the ocean to the dressers and dyers, buyers, wholesalers, auction houses, importers and exporters, every single step of the trade is strictly controlled.

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Pure Omega-3 Oil

Seal oil is a complete source of Omega-3 (DPA + DHA + EPA) with optimized absorption given its mammalian molecular structure.

Seal OilSeal Oil

Seal Oil


Unique Natural Fur & Leather

Seal fur and leather is a very versatile textile used in multiple applications such as accessories, footwear, outerwear and home decor.

Seal Fur & LeatherSeal Fur & Leather

Seal Fur & Leather


Wild Canadian Meat

Seal meat represents an excellent source of protein and is high in iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-12. This wild game meat is free from antibiotics and added hormones.

Seal MeatSeal Meat

Seal Meat