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Repost: 2022: Canadian seal products x influence

23 June 2022
Seal harvest

2022: Canadian seal products x influence


The challenge

After having entrusted us with the influence and content mandates in 2021 and 2022 for Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs, the brand that promotes crafts and creations made by Indigenous artists, the Seals and Sealing Network has mandated us this time to raise awareness of Omega 3 products as well as clothing and accessories made from seals.



Did you know that? Hunting is an ethical practice that contributes to the protection of marine biodiversity and is at the heart of Inuit and Indigenous culture. It allows the transmission of customs and values acquired over thousands of years, but also the creation of products that are exported and essential to the survival of the communities.


From food to medicinal products and clothing, Canadian Seal Products offers a wide range of products made from seal oil, meat, and fur, guaranteeing high standards of quality.


The deployment


To develop the notoriety of the website and thus promote products made from Canadian seal oil, Made in recommended developing an influencer campaign on Instagram and TikTok aimed at raising awareness and encouraging the target audience to consider purchasing seal oil-based products.



Two separate campaigns were orchestrated with lifestyle influencers to showcase the benefits of seal oil-based Omega-3 and fashion influencers to showcase fur-based accessories and apparel. By presenting an industry that aims for the responsible management of marine resources and their sustainable use in the manufacturing process, the content creators were able to convey informative messages.


The results

Both campaigns achieved excellent results thanks to the quality content created by the influencers, especially in terms of engagement. Indeed, there is a real enthusiasm for Omega-3 in general. Also, people were interested to learn that seal management supports northern and coastal communities nutritionally, culturally and economically. Indeed, there were many comments from people specifying that they learned things from the publications and also that they were considering purchasing this type of product.



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The majority of the comments on the content show that the seal oil and seal fur products arouse curiosity and interest. This demonstrates the success of these two marketing offensives in providing wide coverage for the online store.


By partnering with Made in, Canadian Seal Products is working to educate Canadians about the seal industry. This is an important project that will continue with future campaigns!Photo credits: chloezhaang@karinbennettdesigns@athenasangulo and @curtislazar95

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2022: Canadian seal products x influence