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Canadian Seal Products — Good for you. Good for the environment.

02 October 2023
Seal harvest


Canadian Seal Products Good for you. Good for the environment.

New campaign sheds light on innumerable benefits, facts on Canadian seal products


Ottawa, October 2, 2023 – A new campaign entitled Good for you. Good for the environment. encourages Canadians to continue embracing seal products. Designed and developed under the brand Canadian Seal Products, the campaign features a series of digital ads, videos and other social media content driving people to to learn why seal oil, meat and fur are a wise choice for humans, and the environment.


“What we’re doing is helping Canadians understand the many benefits of seal products,” says Doug Chiasson, executive director at the Fur Institute of Canada, home of the Seals and Sealing Network. “With strict regulations that ensure humane and sustainable practices, we’re managing an overabundant seal population and supporting Indigenous and non-Indigenous rural and coastal communities throughout Canada. We invite Canadians to turn to seal products for sustainable, high-quality, and eco-friendly Omega-3 oil, meat, garments, and accessories, for the well-being of humans, our pets, and the planet.”


Campaign creative, which includes videos, display and social ads, email newsletters, collaborations with influencers and events with chefs and industry experts, focuses on Omega-3 oil, natural meat, and locally designed garments and accessories, and runs through the Christmas and holidays period.


Canadian Seal Products launches this September a new campaign, “Good for you. Good for the environment.”, to inform Canadians on the benefits of buying Canadian seal products. Featuring products such as seal oil and seal oil for pets, seal fur outerwear and accessories, the campaign includes digital ads, videos, and social media content and drives users to Ads can be viewed at



Seal oil Omega-3 Seal oil is a complete source of EPA, DHA and DPA, renowned for its impact on cardiovascular health, mental and cognitive health, joint health, and fetal and infant development, and is easier for humans and animals such as dogs to digest and absorb compared to fish or plant-based oils.


Seal meatConsidered a Canadian ‘superfood’, seal meat is one of the most nutritious meats on the planet. High in protein, iron, and vitamins, it has been proven to increase energy, strengthen muscles, boost immune systems, repair body tissues, and promote red blood cell formation. Seal meat is available in an increasing number of retailers and restaurants in Quebec and is expected to expand soon into other provinces.


Seal fur – Seal fur and leather, traditionally used to protect northern and coastal communities from the elements, is a sustainable solution for function and fashion, and a beloved material among artisans and designers. Seal fur products are lightweight, warm, durable, versatile, biodegradable, and resistant to wind and water.

“The people around my community, the Netsilingmiut, are known as people of the seal,” said Gerri Sharpe, featured on a video at “Seal for me means art, culture, tradition, a way of living, a love. Seal gives us life. The sustainability of seal and how the circle of life works for me not only is it contributing to the richness of our lives but also it takes away from the build-up of landfills. I would love to see sealskin products everywhere.”


Fisheries and Oceans Canada unequivocally supports the seal harvest and greater access to seal products at home and around the world. Canada’s overabundant seal population, estimated at more than 10 million, the largest number ever observed by the Government of Canada, is a threat to other marine species. In recent years, the seal industry has harvested a mere 10% of its total seal quota.


Canada’s animal welfare standards, codes of practice, training and licensing programs ensure humane harvesting and the highest quality products and processes.


Learn more about the campaign and shop Canadian seal products at


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About the Fur Institute of Canada / Seals & Sealing Network

The Fur Institute of Canada (FIC) is the national voice for the fur sector, including the seal industry, through the Seals & Sealing Network (SSN). SSN brings together Canada’s sealing industry harvesters, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and Indigenous peoples to promote and market high quality and sustainable Canadian Seal Products (seal oil, seal meat, seal fur) through our Canadian Seal Products and Proudly Indigenous Crafts & Designs brands.


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