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True North News Repost: Canadians encouraged to consume seal products in new ad campaign

18 October 2023
Seal harvest

Canadian Seal Products is launching a new ad campaign, “Good for you. Good for the environment,” to promote the consumption of seal products, including seal oil, meat, and clothing. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the benefits of these products for personal health and the environment. Seal oil provides essential nutrients like EPA, DHA, and DPA, benefiting cardiovascular and cognitive health. Seal meat is highly nutritious, rich in iron and vitamins, and considered a “superfood.” Seal fur and leather have historically provided protection against Canadian winter conditions.


The campaign highlights the cultural significance of seals to Indigenous communities and emphasizes the sustainability of seal products. It is supported by strict regulations ensuring humane and sustainable practices. The Government of Canada endorses seal product consumption due to an overabundant seal population, which poses a threat to other marine species. The campaign encourages Canadians to turn to seal products for their sustainable, high-quality, and eco-friendly attributes.


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Canadians boosted to consume seal products in new ad campaign