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The gray seal invasion

01 November 2021
Seal harvest

La semaine verte features news reports, portraits or topical issues in the fields of agriculture, food, forestry, fisheries, wildlife management and the environment. It closely follows the news of the rural world, but is aimed at all those who are interested in the quality of what we eat, by protecting the environment and by managing our renewable resources.

Season 51 – La semaine verte:

Fishermen in the Gulf of St. Lawrence have been saying it for a long time, the overpopulation of gray seals threatens certain groundfish and prevents the return of cod. Would seal hunt bring a balance within this ecosystem?

Duration: 43 min

Year of production: 2021

Release date: 2021-10-02

Arrival date: 2021-10-03

Production: ICI Télé Country: Canada

Director(s): Michel Sylvestre, Benoît Livernoche, Julien Robert, André Raymond

Moderator: Catherine Mercier

Journalist(s): Benoit Livernoche, Claude Labbé, Gilbert Bégin