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Summary: Seal summit was a good start but there's a big mountain to climb to rebuild the business, say industry reps

24 November 2022
Seal harvest

The Seal Summit

  • The recent seal summit in St. John’s included a display of products made from seal, but the focus was not on marketing. Instead, it was on the science around seals.
  • Federal Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray committed to fund third-party science to examine the impact of harp, hood, and grey seals on fish stocks on the east coast, an excellent starting point for rebuilding a sector that has suffered severe obstacles over the last 50 years

Work is needed to continue to develop new markets for seal products and regain traditional markets.

  • Doug Chiasson, executive director of the Seals and Sealing Network (SSN), added there’s also work to be done to push back on misinformation about the industry that has been spread by anti-sealing and animals-rights groups
  • Better science about seals and predation by seals on fish could help change that narrative

The summit is an example of how everyone can work together

  • We’ll all find a method to tackle this 50-year-old challenge of managing seals and the seal hunt as a group.


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