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Summary:Enthusiasm for the 3rd scientific gray seal hunt on Île Brion

03 February 2023
Seal harvest

Brion Island in the Magdalen Islands is now open for the third hunting season for scientific observation of grey seals. The hunters’ enthusiasm is present, despite the presence of white sharks in the Gulf.


Magdalen Islands hunters are permitted to hunt grey seals on the beach of Île Brion from January 23 to February 28. Hunting operations are carried out under the supervision of Laval University scientists, as approved by Quebec in 2020.


The purpose is to find the conditions that would allow commercial hunting while maintaining the area’s biodiversity.


Fishermen are increasingly aware that the herd of grey seals is completely out of control, and that the ecosystem requires actions to maintain the Gulf’s biodiversity. All of the species that the seal can consume are becoming extinct one by one.

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Engouement pour la 3e chasse scientifique au phoque gris sur l’île Brion