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Repost:Arctic Habitat Conservation Requires Climate Change Action

13 April 2023
Seal harvest

The article discusses the cultural and ecological significance of ringed seals in the Arctic and emphasizes the importance of habitat conservation in protecting wildlife. Paul McCarney, the author, highlights the historical ecology of ringed seals and their cultural significance to Indigenous peoples who have hunted them for thousands of years. The article emphasizes the importance of protecting habitats that support ringed seals and the implications of climate change on their populations.


Sea ice is a dynamic ecosystem that undergoes seasonal changes, and Arctic animals like ringed seals and polar bears depend on sea ice for their survival. Reduced snow depth, warming air temperatures, and earlier spring break-up, which are all impacts of climate change, likely have negative impacts on ringed seal reproduction and survival.


Declining sea ice has also affected polar bear nutrition, causing declines in body condition, reproductive rates, survival, and abundance. The article concludes that declining sea ice is a conservation issue, much like other concerns around habitat loss, and needs to be addressed with the same urgency as other global conservation challenges.


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