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Zoya Martin

Member of the Sealing Committee

Director, Fisheries and Sealing, Government of Nunavut


Zoya Martin is Director of the Fisheries and Sealing Division of the Government of Nunavut. The Fisheries and Sealing Division is part of the Department of Economic Development and Transportation and has representation on the Seals and Sealing Network board and various working groups.


Seals and sealing are fundamental pillars for Nunavummiut (Inuktitut: people who live in Nunavut), as seals are routed in the territory’s culture and traditions. Seals provide high-quality food, clothing that allows people to enjoy and thrive in extreme environments, and economic gains through the opportunity to sell value-added products made from seal skins (e.g. mitts, purses, jewellery).



Zoya Martin, Director, Fisheries and Sealing, Government of Nunavut