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Todd Broomfield

Indigenous Seal Subcommittee

Nunatsiavut Government


Todd Broomfield is Director of Renewable Resources for the Nunatsiavut Government. Prior to starting work with the Nunatsiavut Government in 2005 he worked with Labrador Grenfell Health for 12 years. In his earlier years, Todd made a living through a subsistence lifestyle: fishing in the summer months and hunting and trapping during the fall and winter. The moratorium on the Northern Cod and Atlantic Salmon fisheries forced Todd to seek a full-time wage-earning job on land.


As an Inuk, Todd maintains his connection with the land and continues to pursue a traditional lifestyle. Seals and sealing are crucial to his identity, and Todd is open to sharing this to promote a wider understanding of his culture.


Todd Broomfield Nunatsiavut Government