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Find out about the people behind the Canadian Seal Industry.

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Romy Vaugeois

Program Manager at Seals & Sealing Network


With an MBA degree (Laval University / Renmin University) and a Bachelor of International Business (McGill University) Romy Vaugeois lived in China for more than 5 years where she worked in business development for a Chinese real estate company.

In 2015, Romy became project manager at SeaDNA and was responsible for the development, processing and commercialization of innovative seals products. Over the past 5 years, the creation of SeaDNA has allowed her to go through all the steps that many SMEs involved in the seal industry will have to face: Ensure supply and processing of raw material, manage various Government funding programs, develop new seal products, develop new markets and commercialize seal products throughout Canada and Asia.  Her involvement in the Sealing Committee has allowed her to build relationships within the industry and to get acquainted with the challenges and priorities of the different players.

Today, Romy plays an active role in the Seal Industry. As the Program Manager of the Seals and Sealing Network, her role is to lead, plan and implement programs focused on traceability, marketing and communication, branding and market development for seal products including seal oil, seal meat and fur/leather.



Romy Vaugeois, Program Manager at Seals & Sealing Network