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Find out about the people behind the Canadian Seal Industry.

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Margot White

Seal Oil Subcommittee

Innovative Project Coordinator/Food Scientist


Margot White is Innovation Project Coordinator at Perennia, where she oversees a series of industrial, research, and development projects. Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc. is a development agency that encourages growth, transformation and economic development in Nova Scotia’s agriculture, seafood, and food and beverage sectors. Margot has experience in laboratory management, industrial R&D activities and product and process development. She holds an MSc and BSc in Agricultural Sciences from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.


Margot currently coordinates the National Research Council-Industry Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) Contribution to Organization Funding for Perennia Food and Agriculture and works closely with small- to medium-size enterprises to encourage economic growth and development and solve technical issues.



Bill Penney, Chair of the Sealing Committee