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Delicious Seal Meat Cuts

Seal meat is available in a few different cuts: the back muscle is sold in the form of whole loin, the flippers are used to make pulled meat recipes and various charcuteries and the flank is used to make ribs.

  • Increases energy
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Promotes red blood cell formation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Repairs body tissues
  • Improves muscle function
Loup-marin_Crédit Photo Instagram @caribou.gourmand
  • Increases energy
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Promotes red blood cell formation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Repairs body tissues
  • Improves muscle function

A cut for every occasion

From pulled meat to ribs, tender loin to charcuterie, seal meat is as versatile as it is delicious and healthy. Seal meat is rich in protein, low in cholesterol and fat, and high in iron, zinc and magnesium. It’s also wild, natural food that is sustainably harvested.

Full utilization

All parts of the seal are used:

  • The back muscle is sold as a whole loin, loin portion, or smoked meat.
  • The flippers are used to make pulled seal meat recipes, stews, pies, jerky, and charcuterie.
  • Flanks are sold as ribs or processed and cured to make charcuterie.
  • Everything else—the trims—are used in various products and preparations, from seal burger to salami or bologna.


For the home chef, the possibilities are endless.

Seal Anatomy 2

Seal Cuts

Filet de jeune loup-marin - Kim Côté, Bistro Côté Est, Kamouraska

Seal Loin

Seal Flipper - SeaDNA - Recipe by Chef Benoit Lenglet

Seal Flipper

SeaDNA Seal Meat Ribs prepared by Canada Smartest Kitchen

Seal Ribs

Seal Heart - SeaDNA

Seal Organs

Seal loin for a tender treat

Seal loin is generally the most popular cut of meat. Lean, dark, and easy to cook, loin is a treat to prepare and consume. Because it is so lean, minimal cooking is recommended. Bring it to medium rare, at most.


Sear seal loin meat one to two minutes on each side, according to the thickness of the steak. After cooking, let it rest a few minutes—as you would a fine steak—to ensure it is moist and tender.

Viande de loup-marin (phoque) sur aioli à l'aneth à l'ITHQ en préparation pour le festival YUL EAT_2017-07-28
Garlic and dill seal loin tataki prepared by Chef Benoit Lenglet & Jonathan Lapierre Rehayem from ITHQ as part of the YUL EAT Festival.

Two seal loin products are available:

Seal Veal Loin - Photo Credit SeaDNA

"Veal" loin

The young seal loin (“veal”) is dark red, but paler and milder than the adult cut. Treat it as you would a tuna steak, or a fine filet mignon; the texture is similar. Serve rare or as tataki or sashimi.

Adult Seal Loint - Photo Credit: SeaDNA

Adult seal loin

The adult seal loin is darker, contains more iron, and has a slightly more gamey taste than the veal. It is also suited to tataki or other rare-meat preparations. Never overcook seal to ensure a fresh, mouth-watering meal.

Flip for flippers

Seal flippers are the second most popular cut of seal. They are excellent in stew, braised, or confit. Seal flippers are also perfect for pulled meat. In Newfoundland and Labrador, seal flipper pie is a beloved traditional dish.


Unlike loin, seal flipper benefit from a long, slow cook. This leaves the meat moist and fall-off-the-bone tender. Try seal flipper in place of beef in any slow-cooker dish.

SeaDNA Pulled Seal Meat Flipper
Seal flipper chipotle recipe by SeaDNA

Charcuterie, sandwich meats and more

Seal meat trims are also available. These are perfect for making ground meat for burgers, stews, soup—use as you would beef stewing meat. Long, slow cooking will preserve the flavour and result in tender, delightful meat.


Look also for seal meat salami, sausages, merguez and smoked seal loin. Seal meat is truly emerging as a viable, earth-friendly alternative to farmed beef, pork, and poultry. Give seal a try—and have fun getting creative with this beautiful wild meat.

Loup-Marin (Boucherie côte à côte)-Picture Dominique Lebel (2) SMALL
Smoked seal, seal pâté, seal rillette and seal dry sausage prepared by Boucherie Côte à Côte based in the Magdalen Islands. Picture credit: Dominique Lebel

Where can I buy seal meat?

Seal meat is quietly gaining a place in the repertoires of Canada’s top chefs and on the tables of the nation’s favourite restaurants. Seal is also becoming more accessible to the home chef: a number of distributors, storefronts, and markets also carry seal meat products—some seasonally, some year-round.


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