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Assurance qualité de l'huile de phoque

Canada is well recognized for its agri food products quality and safety, and the regulations for seal oil products are no different than other fish products. 

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Health Canada

All Natural Health Products (NHPs) such as Omega-3 Seal Oil supplements must be approved by Health Canada before they are allowed to be legally sold in Canada. Always look for a Natural Product Number (NPN) on the product’s label, which indicates that it has been approved by Health Canada.


In order to obtain an NPN, all seal products must be processed in a Health Canada approved manufacturing facility.  Click here to see the list of licensed manufacturing facilities in Canada.

Health Canada NNHPD

Give Canadians access to a wide range of natural health products that are safe, effective and of high quality.

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Seal Oil Monograph

Industry guide for the preparation of licence applications and labels for seal oil product authorization.

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Licensed Products

This database allows you to search for licensed seal oil products by selecting “Seal Oil” as an ingredient or a specific brand name.

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CFIA Approved

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is responsible for establishing policies and standards for the safety and nutritional quality of edible seal products processed in Canada.


Seal Oil processing facilities should hold a license given by the CFIA.  Here is a list of approved establishment.


The Global Organization of EPA and DHA (GOED) defines standards, guidelines, and codes of practice for Omega-3 Oils in Canada and around the world.


The GOED Monograph focuses on:

  • Oxidative quality
  • Environmental contaminants
  • Heavy metals
  • Measurement of EPA and DHA fatty acids


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines Standards for edible fats and oil (CODEX STAN 19-1981) as well as Standards for contaminant and toxins (CODEX STAN 193-1995).


  1. Standards for edible fats and oil focus on safety regulations related to:
    • Permitted food additives
    • Contaminants
    • Hygiene
    • Labelling
    • Quality characteristics
    • Methods of analysis and sampling


  1. Standard for contaminant and toxins focus on the maximum levels for contaminants and toxins such as:
    • Arsenic
    • Lead
    • Cadmium
    • Mercury
    • Methyl mercury

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Canadian Seal Products (through the Seals and Sealing Network) is a proud member of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to natural health and organic products.

“ All Canadian Seal Oil Products available on the CSP website exceed Health Canada standards as well as GOED and the World Health Organization’s most stringent guidelines. ”

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