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왜 바다표범 오일을 사용해야 하나요?

The benefits of omega-3 supplements for your overall health and wellness are well established. But not all sources are created equal. Seal oil has several crucial, scientifically proven benefits over other sources, including fish oil.

  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Mental & cognitive health
  • Fights inflammation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Fetal & infant development
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  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • Mental & cognitive health
  • Fights inflammation
  • Boosts immune system
  • Fetal & infant development

#1 Contains DPA

Seal oil is a nutritional powerhouse. It is a clean, organic source of the essential omega-3s your body needs for optimal growth, development, and health. Seal oil contains three vital omega-3 fatty acids: DPA, DHA, and EPA. All three work together to boost cardiovascular health, immune functioning, joint health, and brain health. In particular, seal oil is one of the few rich sources (the other is breast milk) of DPA. DPA optimizes the body’s ability to absorb, store, and use the other omega-3s … and it’s missing from fish oil.

#2 Optimal Absorption

In addition to this complete and balanced omega-3 profile, seal oil has the advantage of being easily recognized by the human body, mammal to mammal. This means fast digestion, better results, and no “fishy burps.” Fish physiology is significantly different than that of humans, and fish oil is, not surprisingly, not as quickly or easily assimilated.

#3 100% Canadian

All-Canadian seal oil comes from the pristine, cold, clear ocean waters of northern and eastern Canada, and is free from added hormones, pesticides, or other additives. The product is sourced from an abundant population of free-living, wild animals, and directly rendered from seal blubber—no further processing required.

All seal oil products on the Canadian market are tested to ensure purity and freedom from environmental toxins.

#4 Preserved Purity

Most fish oil Omega-3s on the market are chemically altered. Concentrated Omega-3s have been chemically altered to increase levels of EPA and DHA. This changes the product inherently, and though higher levels of EPA and DHA are possible, they are not necessarily of greater benefit to the consumer.


Seal oil is 100% natural and pure. Whether in capsules or liquid, seal oil is never made from a concentrate.  Natural Omega-3 supplements contain oil in its pure and natural form, with minimal processing. In the case of seal oil, this is important: it preserves the natural triglyceride structure, easily recognized by the human body.

Why Seal Oil?

Because it’s good for you and your family. Because it offers a host of health benefits with no known side effects. Because it’s a natural, sustainable product. And because, for your dollar, seal oil offers huge advantages over any other omega-3 supplement.

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순수한 오메가 3 바다표범 오일

바다표범 오일은 포유류 분자구조를 가지고있어 흡수가 최적화된 오메가 -3 (DPA + DHA + EPA)의 완전한 공급원천입니다.

바다표범 오일바다표범 오일

바다표범 오일


천연 바다표범 직물

바다표범 모피와 가죽은 용도가 매우 광범위한 방직품입니다. 예를 들면 액세서리, 신발, 외투와 가구장식 등 여러가지 용도로 쓰입니다

바다표범 가죽제품바다표범 가죽제품

바다표범 가죽제품


캐나다 야생 육류제품

바다표범고기는 훌륭한 단백질 공급원이며 철, 아연, 마그네슘 및 비타민 B-12가 풍부합니다. 야생육류는 항생제와 인공첨가 호르몬제가 없습니다.

바다표범 육류제품바다표범 육류제품

바다표범 육류제품